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            Sikkim is an Indian state situated in the Himalayas and is known to be landlocked.It is the least populous state in the country and the second smallest in area after Goa.In the past few years, the Sikkim Government has tried its level best to promote tourism in the state and has been successful in its task as well.
   Sikkim, the land of beautiful scenic surroundings, offers a huge tourism potential and by tapping into this the state has grossed an earnings windfall. Some of the  major attractions of Sikkim are Orchid Sanctuary,Yumthang Valley, Pemayangste  Monastery,Rumtek Monastery, Pelling, Khecheopari lake, Yuksom,Namchi,Tashding,  and Dudbi Monastery.Real estate is the most visible face of any Indian state or  city, which is grabbing the attention of potential investors and has persuaded  most foreign players to look forward to the country.
            At present, most cities in India are competing with each other  for a prominent place as commercially viable cities. The boom in the real estate  sector over the past five years has substantially added to the available premium  property stock.The states, which were once known to be quiet and dull, are zooming  away in the wake of new construction activities and strengthened infrastructure.
   Such a phase of development is yet to embrace the states in not eastern part of   the country. A lot of supply to bring improvements in their infrastructure is under  construction and will be operational soon.Some of the capital for building the physical  infrastructure of Sikkim will come from the center and the state. However, a large  portion of investment will have to be drawn from the private sector.The state requires  preparing an active policy to draw interests from private players.Apart from making an  effective use of its own funds to build up a string infrastructure, the Sikkim  government also needs to secure the co-operation of the central government and in
   areas under the latter’s control.
            The State is otherwise promoting its eco-friendly industries,  including floriculture. The industries that are expected to expand soon in Sikkim  belong to different fields such as IT,healthcare,education and adventure tourism.
   Such developments will certainly give a boost to real estate market here by increasing  the demand for commercial spaces and residential segments.As for the IT sector,the  State has developed a multitude of community information centers,out of which, around  40 have been established.
            By 2015, the ongoing planning will help Sikkim to emerge as one of  the productive states and change its image from being a mere “money order economy” to a  “self-reliant economy”. As such,a number of industrial groups have shown inclination  for the areas to develop hotels and food processing units. These include the   prominent names like Hyatt, which has explored the possibility of developing a  five-star hotel for about Rs 200 crore.

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