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Lachung - Yumthang A Tibetan village with a unique local and traditional self-government body called the Zumsa, Lachung is situated at an altitude of 9000ft. Lachung is the last village in North Sikkim before Yumthang and has emerged as a tourist destination because of its natural environ and the popularity of Yumthang valley that is just 24 kilometers from here. Lachung is about 110 kms from Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim, the road to Lachung passes through some of the most beautiful but difficult terrain in sikkim full of picturesque waterfalls and great views. Tourism in the region has been opened to Indian and foreign nationals only recently. The tourism infrastructure here is only basic. But this is more than offset by the natural beauty of the place. The village, spread out on either side of Lachung Chu River, is surrounded by might mountain peaks which remain snow clad for most of the year. A large number of beautiful waterfalls can also be visited close to Lachung. Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary Located in Lachung is famous for its collection of different species of Rhododendron that bloom during the months of April - May. The Lachung villagers, known as Lachungpas, has managed to retain their unique culture and tradition. The Lachung monastery on the slope opposite the highway is a focal point of all religious function of the local inhabitants. To get a glimpse of the religious functions performed on auspicious occasions a visit to the Monastery should form a part of any visit to Lachung.

Yumthang is located in North Sikkim, 150 kilometres from the capital city of Gangtok, about 3575 meters above sea level. The place is sparsely populated, perhaps this lack of population accounts for the pristine beauty of Yumthang. It is surrounded by bestriding mountains which seems to fade into the heaven. The most interesting part about Yumthang in Sikkim is that it changes its look with the change of seasons. During the winter, the entire valley remains snow covered and during spring and summer, a riot of colors thrills the eyes of the beholder. So, from November to March, Yumthang is all white and a perfect site for trekking and skiing. But from April onwards, this same place is adorned with every colors under the sun. During this time, the varieties of primulas, poppies, rhododendrons in Yumthang turn it into the Garden of Eden on earth itself. It also forms a grazing pasture and is exploited by the locals for feeding their cattle(a practice known as yaylag pastoralism). Apart from the scenic natural beauty of Yumthang, it also proudly possess some sightseeing spots. A tributary of Teesta river runs through the valley, providing not only water to the land, but also a scenic variety. The other water body of the place is a hot spring which is believed to have high therapeutic values. Saline in taste, the water of the spring emits sulphurated hydrogen gas and its temperature is 106 degree. The water of the spring with such composition is believed to be beneficial for skin diseases. Yumthang also has the Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary with antique species of orchids and rhododendrons.

For local sightseeing it is advised to use your Taxi / Cab that you have used to travel upto Yumthang. You can retain your vehicle, use it for sightseeing and also proceed to the next destination. Getting a local taxi for sightseeing is difficult and expensive.
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